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When expertise and funding come together, the possibilities are endless. Let Altitude B2B guide you all throughout  the exhilarating journey of digital transformation for your business.
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Grant Writing

Don't waste time writing grant proposals and worrying about acceptance. Our expert grant writers handle the entire process to secure funding for your initiatives. We unlock grants like:
  • Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP):
    Up to $115k in grants and financing to adopt new business technology.
    Goal:  Upgrade your business technology
  • CanExport program:
    Up to $50k to expand your operations internationally.
    Goal: Cover costs for international market expansion
  • Wage Subsidies program:
    Up to $7,500 per employee to supplement talent acquisition.
    : Cover summer student employee costs
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Business Advisory

Our digital maturity advisory goes beyond assessments and planning. We provide ongoing strategic guidance across all facets of your business through fractional consulting services.

Altitude B2B maintains a diverse talent bench of fractional experts ready to address your needs. Our virtual C-suite includes trusted advisors like:
  • Chief Technology Officers - Architect and optimize your tech stack and infrastructure.
  • Chief Information Officers - Manage your data, analytics, and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Chief Operating Officers - Streamline workflows, processes, and supply chain operations.
  • Chief Marketing Officers - Revamp messaging, branding, advertising, and customer acquisition.
  • Chief Revenue Officers - Maximize sales, pricing, and new customer pipelines.
  • Chief People Officers - Evolve your talent strategy, culture, and organizational design.
(and with even more diverse roles soon to join us!)
Among their services you will find:
Among their services you will find:
  • Workflows optimization
  • Business Process optimization
  • Scalability plans and recommendations
These fractional consultants become trusted partners in driving your company forward. They evaluate your current state, benchmark against competitors, and deliver strategic recommendations to boost performance across all business functions.

By pairing digital maturity assessments with ongoing expert advice, we provide comprehensive guidance on leveraging technology to reach new heights. Our fractional talent bench allows you to supplement your team with specialized capabilities that drive tangible impact.
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Digital Transformation

Our team utilizes a proven digital maturity framework to benchmark where your systems and processes currently stand. We identify gaps and growth opportunities across five key dimensions:
  • Customer - How technology enhances customer experience and satisfaction
  • Operations - Where automation and analytics can unlock efficiency
  • Product/Service - How digitization impacts delivery and quality
  • Culture - Change management and training for adoption
  • Technology - Infrastructure modernization and integration
Some of the most frequent digital transformation initiatives we execute include:
  • Cybersecurity Audits and Upgrades - Safeguard your data, infrastructure, and applications.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) - Unlock data-driven insights with dashboards, reporting, and analytics.
  • Cloud-Based Platforms - Scale on-demand with cloud migration and SaaS adoption.
  • Customer Experience Optimization - Modernize applications, personalize engagements, revamp web presences.
  • Supply Chain Automation - Streamline logistics, fulfillment, and inventory management.
Transform with Altitude B2B and prepare for accelerated growth. By optimizing your technological capabilities and processes, we empower you to reach new heights. Meet our team, partner with our digital advisors, and let us brag about your success.
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