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Blogging is not a hobby for a business. Its purpose is to drive traffic, find leads and increase revenue.
But to achieve that, you have to create and grow your SEO blogging strategy.

At Altitude B2B, our expert content writers are here to kick-start your content strategy, whether you have an existing blog or not.

We will upgrade your blog and offer well-researched, unique and engaging new blog posts with the sole purpose of attracting prospect attention and providing tangible results.
Active company blogs produce 67% more leads than inactive competitors.
(by DemanMetric,2024)

Update your Blog

We know that each blog you write is written with passion for your business. Besides offering new original and engaging content, we at Altitude B2B, commit to upgrading your past blog posts instead of plain deleting them all.
We will make an analysis of your blog posts and put our skill to practice, to make those posts effective to rank in Google Pages (SERPs).

Here are some common editing processes our SEO blogging experts do for our clients:

1. Add Keywords

90% of pre-written blogs from clients do not include important keywords in them, which leads to poor ranking for search engine results. While you may have added similar words, that isn't enough in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. Let us help you by conducting analysis on your blogs so we can improve, monitor and track the revised keywords our experts will get you ranked higher for.

2. Improve Readability

There are some rules in online writing. The first and more important is: "People don't read online, they scan."
Regardless of your good content structure. Your content needs to have short, concise, and meaningful sentences. Also, jargon is to be avoided, and content value needs to "flow" and be specific so that people actually read what you're writing.

3. Edit and Proofread

SEO is phrase-sencitive. As you've probably noticed, "sencitive" is wrong. Keywording won't be effective in this
case, and thus, your ranking. Our editing and proofreading process makes sure your blog is secure and ready to be put to work. We will also check for grammatical, syntax, wording, repetition, and other errors offering you what we always offer our clients: Exceptional deliverables.

4. Make it Engaging

Yes, we know, engaging your audience with your business is tough work. But there are ways to do it effectively.
Applying a conversational tone, writing as you speak, educating, asking questions, these are some ways our expert content writers do it for our clients. Are you ready to make your blog engaging?

5. Add Statistics

Everyone loves statistics, graphs, insights. We do too! That's why we will try to enrich your blog posts with relevant statistics if it fits the content.
e.g. Did you know that "Titles with 6-13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic"? (~by optinmonster) [We always cite our statistics!]
Titles with 6-13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic.
(by optinmonster,2024)

Creating New Blog Posts

If time is a valuable asset that you don't want to sacrifice anymore, our SEO blog experts are here for you. We will write new blog posts that will exceed your expectations. Our blog posts are well-researched, unique and engaging, aiming to deliver both engaging content and content that ranks.

1. Well-Researched Posts

Did you ever wish your posts well as insightful as those glamorous posts in big websites? Our expert content writers can make that wish come true. Our research spans from well-established research sites and firms to peer-reviewed scientific papers. No statistic is impossible to find once our "hounds" are unleashed into the web.

2. Unique Posts

Adding AI to the "content" battle has made things even worse regarding plagiarism. Fear not though, because our writers' unique style and passion for content will make sure your blog post is unique. We do not use AI-generated content, we use Human-powered creativity and wits. Your post will be custom-made, with the exact tone of voice, style and content you wished.

3. Engaging

What makes content engaging changes over time, but our writers know some elements that carry on no matter what. These are structural, communicational elements like having clear structure that enhances readability, writing in a conversational tone to connect with your reader, and many more that can depend on the industry.
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