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Most of our clients used to underestimate the impact a poor-optimized website has on their prospects. Low page speed, high bounce rates, poor user experience, everything was history after our SEO website experts rolled up their sleeves to do the work. Here's a glimpse of the work they'll do to your website:
Increasing your loading speed by 2 seconds, increases your bouncing rate by 58%.
(by Google,2024)

Improve your Website Loading Speed

Your loading speed is the most vital feature to keep your clients engaged. A website loading in over 4 seconds is doomed to suffer increased bounce rates and customer dissatisfaction. Plus, it can also harm your SEO, meaning ranking in Google pages.
Here are a few ways we help you avoid that:

1. Compress and Optimize Images

Images are the soul of a website, but if they are too big, they kill it. Compressing your images can save even seconds in loading time. Plus, you win so much in file size that you can add more images with little to no penalty. Discover our modern method to save 25-34% more in file size compared to the old formats (JPEG, PNG).

2. Improve your Website's Server Strategy

There are a few tricks that can make your website faster, easier. One of them is focusing on your server's performance by using a more reliable hosting service, reduce your server load by using less plugins, extensions, etc. Another, is using a content delivery network (CDN) that breaks your server load in a network of servers for efficiency.

3. Optimize your Website Code

Our experts are efficient minimalists. The leaner your code, the faster your website. They will clean up your code with specialized tools like HTMLMinifier, CleanCSS, Purge CSS, UglifyJS etc.
, to reduce code complexity, remove unused code, and ensure that your code is exactly what's needed. Nothing more, nothing less.
The average page in the top 10 is 2+ years old in their SEO journey.
(by Ahrefs,2024)

Optimize your Website Design

Your website design is important for 2 reasons: 1) For converting people and 2) For converting.
"Converting people" means that your website needs to offer a good User Experience (UX). It needs to be informative, engaging, fast and simple to use. Giving your visitors what they want is the key to success.

To do this, we apply several strategies, like:
- Intuitive Design
- Clear CTAs
- Minimal navigational paths to conversion
- Direct and lean design content
and more.

"Converting machines" means that your website needs to be appealing to the search engine algorithms, i.e. optimizing it to rank.

This means:
- Good internal and external linking
- Optimized Content Layout
- SEO-Friendly URLs
- Optimized Meta Tags
- Canonical Tags
and more.

It's complicated, we know.
Let our expert SEO website designers take over.
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