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You can't grow your SEO presence without first discovering your weaknesses. Plus, there is a lot that can go wrong with your website, so the chances are you more than likely need our experts to analyze and assess your site weaknesses.

However, our SEO audit experts are here to help you with detailed reports on every crook and cranny of your website to combat this. Here is a sneak peak on the reports you will receive:

Page Speed Audit report

The page speed audit report conducted by our experts will discover anything that slows your website down. Some of the errors you might see are unoptimized CSS/Javascript code, lack of browser caching, slow server response times, large images, etc.

These errors can lead to poor user experience, reduced conversions and lower search rankings.

Website Content Audit report

Content can also hinder your ranking if not done properly. Auditing your website's content we will provide you with a report discovering errors like duplicate content (from links to posts, tags, etc.), low-quality content, missing meta tags such as titles and descriptions, keyword stuffing, and many more.

These errors enable search engines to enforce penalties on your website, reduce your authority and user engagement, harming your ranking.
Pages that have a keyword on their URL have a 45% higher CTR
(by uSERP,2024)

Crawlability and Indexability Audit report

What is Crawlability?

Imagine the internet as a giant library. Having good crawlability is like having a robot librarian that is looking what's inside the books and being able to find every single one of them. Bad crawlability means the robot cannot access some of the books.

What is Indexability?

Good Indexability means the robot librarian finds the books and is taking notes on where each book is. Thus, finding the books becomes easier. Poor indexability means some books won't be listed and cannot be found.

Hopefully this was helpful!
So this vital report will discover errors that hinder Google to find your website. Some of the errors included are duplicate URLs, blocked resources, paginations issues, missing or broken canonical tags, etc.

The drawbacks are obvious. It will make your ranking harder (or impossible).
25.02% of top-ranking pages are missing meta descriptions.
(by Contently,2024)

Code Quality Audit Report

Content-wise your website might be flawless, but poor code quality will damage your SEO performance. Coding errors are some of the few that need special care to detect.
With our code quality audit you will uncover coding errors such as HTML/CSS validation errors, JavaScript errors, poor code structure, non-semantic HTML elements, and many more.

Is it so important to have a few coding errors?
Well, yes. It impacts your page load times, bandwidth and reduces the accessibility of search engines to understanding your content.

Website Architecture Audit Report

Great website architecture is rewarded by the search engines because it makes their job easier. Receiving our website architecture report you might witness errors such as poor content hierarchy, too many levels of navigation in your website (harmful for your SEO), lack of user-friendly URLs, deeply nested content, inefficient use of tags, lack of XML sitemap, and many more!

Keep your website architecture tidy and everything gets easier. Both for you uploading content, and for the search engine reading it.

Backlink Audit Report

If there's one thing that makes an SEO audit crucial, it is fixing backlink errors. Neglecting your backlinks can penalize your ranking, decrease your referral traffic, lower your domain authority, and many more.
Our backlink audit report will detect errors like irrelevant backlinks, low link diversity, negative SEO attacks from competitors (spammy backlinks), broken backlinks, etc.

Backlinks are the core of your credibility and online networking. You should know all weaknesses regarding them.
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