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Our team is dedicated to improving your search engine ranking. Whether it's overtaking your competitor's strong keywords, finding new easy keywords, or taking on harder-to-rank keywords, we are here for you.

Find New Keywords for your Small Business

To rank is to know your keywords. The majority of small businesses rely on luck to build their online traffic. No SEO strategy at all. You on the other hand have a significant advantage. By finding your ranking keywords with our experts, you can strategically organize your content. Plus, you can assess the difficulty of each keyword to prioritize content accordingly.

Here are some practices our experts follow for our clients:

1. Long-tail Keywords

Using keywords that are too short can be very challenging and competitive when it comes to ranking. Going after longer, more specific keywords can be a better outcome when initially imputing the effort to get your business to rank. However, as your business' credibility grows, shorter keywords can come back into play for you.

2. Keyword Clustering

This is an efficient way to create groups of similar keywords that multiply your chances to rank.
e.g. Weight Loss Tips -> quick weight loss tips, weight loss diet, weight loss for beginners, etc.

3. Seasonal Keywords

Yes, there are seasonal keywords. Christmas, summer, special holidays, and many other periods have their keywords that spike only during that time. Our team will prepare you for it.

Q:What are some keywords to rank easily?
Q:What are others that you can invest in for the future?
Q:What are those that you should always have to be credible when visited?

Check in with our experts to find out!
10% of the top-ranking sites have an average of 3.2 to 3.5 words in their keywords.
(by SEMrush,2024)

Competitor Keyword Research & Competitor Strategy

Yes, we can find your competitor's keyword strategy. And what's more, we can organize content for you to overtake the keywords they rank for. Whether they are keywords from their blog, or their website content, we can find them and make them yours.

Here's one way we do it:
First, we conduct a thorough research on their blog and website.
For the competitor's blog, we identify keywords through their titles, plus, through key-phrases they have spread inside their posts.
For the competitor's website, we analyze their structure (Meta tags, title tags, h1,h2,h3, etc.) and create another "competitor keywords" list.
Then, we merge, analyze, extract those relevant to you, prioritize by difficulty and organize a content strategy that will give you the advantage over them.

Interested? Reach out to learn more!
15% of searches are brand new searches, never searched before by Google.
(by Google,2024)

Track and Monitor your Keywords

Finding your keywords alone is not for a long-term strategy. Our experts will consistently monitor and track your keywords' performance, make readjustments when needed and discover interesting insights.
Is a keyword failing to achieve a KPI? We stop investing content in it.
Is another keyword more promising? We invest more.
Imagine your keywords like stocks in your "content stock market". We want to make you rich.

Reach out to learn insights and track your content progress!
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