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Your Professional SEO Copywriters

Our SEO copywriters are witty, efficient and hate boring texts. Your website should make your prospect want to read more, learn more, engage more. Plus, it needs to rank! That's what our experts are here for.

Witty & Unique Copy

Unique copy is what people and algorithms yearn for, but we add to that a little bit of wit. It makes things more fun. Our expert copywriters will work with three rules in mind for you:

1. Make it unique
2. Make it enjoyable
3. Make it rank

Does your copy seem a bit drab? Save your creative juice and reach out!
Personalized CTAs convert 202% better than generic CTAs
(by Hubspot,2024)

Header, Meta Tag & URL Optimization

Why Bother with Website Headers in SEO?

Header optimization is not only essential for SEO, but also for your visitors. H1,H2,H3, etc. headers organize information and make it more readable. Plus, search engines favor structured over unstructured content.

Our SEO copywriters will ensure your headers are informative, clear and engaging to guide readers to your selling point. They will also incorporate strategic keywords and conversational tone of voice (questions, etc.) to make sure your content ranks.

What are Meta Tags and their Types?

Meta tags are the hidden text of your website that does not appear on the page itself. They are a part of the HTML code and play a crucial role to your SEO and user experience.

Our experts will optimize all types of meta tags in your website:

- Title Rags
- Description Tags
- Meta Robots Tags
- Charset Tags
- Viewport Tags
- Open Graph Tags (OG)

and more!

Are URLs Important for SEO?

While none of your visitors will ever bother to read your URL, search engines do. And it heavily affects your ranking process. That's why our experts include the right keywords in your website's URL, and create a lean and efficient structure for the search engine to navigate.
41% of low-performing content has too many complex words.
(by SEMRush,2024)

Creating Internal Links

What are Internal Links?

Internal links are bridges that connect parts of your website. Their main goal is to hold your prospect inside the website as long as possible. However, increasing your internal links also improves your SEO.

Our experts offer a few valuable tips. Here they are:

1. Link to Important Pages

Your links need to point to places of importance inside your website. Yes, your website should be engaging and entertaining, but leaving no immediate path to conversion will frustrate your prospects.

2. Use "Breadcrumbs"

Offer small hints and directions for your users to follow on your website. This way, there is a clear navigation path that leads to a goal. Of course, search engines can follow the same path, so the clearer it is, your SEO will be rewarded.
...and much more!

Does it feel like too much? Reach out! Our experts will get it done for you!
74% of Web Readers Pay Attention to the Quality of Spelling and Grammar
(by optinmonster,2024)

Calls to Action (CTAs)

They are the means to lead your prospects to a desired page. You can use it for many other reasons besides conversion. One would be to guide them to an external statistic, or to a book recommendation, etc.
Either way, they are super critical for your marketing and their copy matters!
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