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What's Included in Local SEO?

Local SEO is everything about your local presence. It mainly includes being active on Google Maps, having a robust Google My Business Account (GMB). However, there are some vital actions people ignore. These are optimizing for Local Keywords and growing Local Backlinks.
58% of businesses still don't optimize for local search.
(by reviewtrackers,2024)

Setting up your Google My Business (GMB)

What it Includes

Your Google My Business is the center of your local activity. For this reason, you need a trusted strategy to success. Here it is:

1. Claiming a GMB listing to verify your business and ownership in your location.

2. Optimize your GMB profile by including your business details, business hours, categories, and business description. Plus, one of the most important parts: professional photos and videos showcasing your quality to your audience.

3. Showcase your services, products and offers. You need to be specific and concise. Also, you get the chance to promote events, offers and news.

4. Set up and manage your reviews. People trust what others said. Getting excellent reviews and managing your reviews-community sets you to a path of client growth.

Google Maps

Google Maps is your the front of your "online shop". Everything entered in your GMB account will be visible in your Google Maps location/profile.  
There's no "local presence" without a GMB account, and we're here to make it for you.
Whether you need it built from scratch, or you want it improved!
Optimization of Google My Business listings led to a 30% increase in website clicks.
(by wifitalents,2024)

Growing Local Backlinks

Backlinks are points of authority for your business. The more you have, the better Google will support your business to rank higher. However, only relevant backlinks are useful.

In your race to grow your local presence, building a collection of strong local backlinks will skyrocket your efforts. Local newspapers, blogs, influencers, etc. will make this work.

And our experts are here to make sure your business forms this kind of network. They will be researching, reaching out and seeking opportunities, wherever they are, for you to accomplish this.
Local SEO leads have nearly a 15% close rate.
(by LocaliQ,2024)

Finding your Local Keywords

Localization does not stop to link-building. If you want to improve your local presence, keywords need to be localized.

What's some known local terms and places?
What do locals value?
What is missing from the local community?
What is the local slang that is unique to the region?

These, and more questions, will define our local keyword strategy.

What's more, we will also define what local competitors' keywords are, and strategies we can use to beat them.

Bonus: Don't forget to add the "near me" keyword as an extension to some of your keywords!
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